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Last Updated: Sep 12, 2017 03:14PM CDT
Reports are only provided to schools with a 50 percent response rate or higher for the student and/or teacher survey. A minimum of 10 student respondents and 8 teacher respondents are required to receive a report.

Whether a school actually has reportable data on questions, Measures, and ultimately Essentials is also determined by a couple of other factors.

First, we remove any individuals who have extremely questionable responses, including those who provide a single response to a very large number of items. While it is possible that an individual strongly disagrees with every single question on the survey, we find these rare response patterns extremely improbable—particularly because the survey is designed so that some items are more difficult to endorse than others. 

Next, we make sure there are at least eight (8) valid responses to items making up a Measure. Some schools with small numbers of teachers simply may not have enough respondents to qualify. The reason for this is two-fold: We need to protect the confidentiality of individual respondents; and having very small numbers makes related statistics less reliable. 

If Measures or Essentials appear gray and say "Low response", that means that there are not enough data to present the results. Sometimes, an Essential might have most but not all of its Measures missing. For example, Ambitious Instruction contains three student Measures and one teacher Measure (Quality of Student Discussion). If a school has no student data but does have data for Quality of Student Discussion, a teacher-based Measure, the Ambitious Instruction essential will still be gray but data for Quality of Student Instruction will be displayed. When Essentials have partial data, they will appear gray with an asterisk indicating that some measure data are available.

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