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Last Updated: Dec 10, 2019 12:55PM CST

Florida 2019-20 5Essentials Survey

Frequently Asked Questions


Who participates in the survey?

All teachers and students in grades 4-12 of participating schools will complete a survey. For teachers, at least eight valid respondents and a 50 percent response rate is required to receive a report; for students, at least 10 valid respondents and a 50 percent response rate is required.

Additionally, there is a parent survey component available, but districts must opt-in to administer this survey. For parents, a 20 percent response rate is required to receive parent response data. It is worth noting that the parent survey response data is delivered within the 5Essentials reporting site, but does not affect the 5Essentials scores, which are based on teacher and student response data.


When will the survey be administered?

For the 2019-20 administration, the survey window will open on Tuesday, January 28, 2020, and close on Friday, February 28, 2020.

How do participants access the survey?

The survey is only available online. Teachers receive an email invitation with a unique username and password; students log in using their student ID and birthdate. Parents access the survey through a direct link, which will be provided to the district and school.

Although students must complete the survey at the school site, teachers and parents are able to complete the survey offsite (e.g., home, local library). Schools may want to consider designating a date and/or time for parents to complete the survey at the school; this will facilitate survey completion for those who may have limited access to or comfort with technology. 

How long does the online survey take to complete?

On average, the student and teacher surveys takes about 20 minutes to complete; however, it is suggested that each participant allots 30 minutes. The parent survey takes about 10 minutes to complete.

What identification number should students use to access the survey?

Student identification numbers will be provided by the district and may either be locally assigned identification numbers or Florida Education Identifiers.

It is worth noting that the survey coordinator(s) identified by each principal in the online survey administration dashboard will have access to the school’s student roster so they may support survey administration. It can be helpful to print and have these rosters available, in case the identification number is not commonly known.

Who should complete the teacher survey?

The teacher survey should be completed by certified teachers whose primary responsibility involves teaching students for the majority of the school day and year. Individuals in the following positions are encouraged to participate:

  • Self-contained and subject-specific classroom teachers
  • Instructional coaches and subject matter specialists
  • Teacher aides and paraprofessionals
  • Special education teachers working in a single classroom or across classrooms
  • Counselors, librarians, social workers, or other staff members who teach students

Individuals in the following positions are ineligible to participate in the survey:

  • Principals
  • Assistant principals
  • Student teachers
  • Substitute teachers
  • Tutors

How long should a student or teacher be enrolled or employed at the school to be eligible to complete a survey?

Students and teachers should be in the school building for at least 30 days prior to completing the survey to allow them enough time to form opinions about the school, classmates, and teachers. Provisional surveys completed by students and teachers who have been in the school building less than 30 days will not be validated.

Which web browser should be used to access the online survey?

Any of the following browsers may be used to access and complete the survey:

  • Chrome, any version
  • Edge, any version
  • Firefox, v4 or newer
  • Internet Explorer, v7 or newer
  • Safari, v5 or newer


When will survey results be delivered?

The 2019-20 Florida 5Essentials Reports are projected to be released the week of April 13, 2020. Superintendents and principals of participating schools will receive an email invitation to access the report; superintendents can access a district-level report and individual school results, whereas principals are able to access only the results for their school. Once logged in to the reporting site, these stakeholders will be able to share access to the reports electronically with others.


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